Judah’s Blessing: Podcast #2

Judah’s blessing that he received from his father Jacob has implications for the Jewish people and the Messiah, and applications for believers in Yeshua today. The source of the prophetic concepts of the Lion of Judah, the scepter of Judah, the donkey’s colt, and garments washed in the blood; Genesis 49:8–12 is a critical passage for understanding the role of the Messiah, and the calling of the Jewish people.

Zechariah 1 and 2: Podcast

A study of the first two chapters of the book of Zechariah in which the Angel of Adonai is seen in dialogue with Adonai, and they express their passion for the land of Israel and for the people of Israel, and in which they promise the coming victory of the Angel of Adonai over the enemies of Israel.

Reflections of the Triune Nature of God

When I first encountered the love of God through the cross as a child, I don’t think I had a clear distinction in my mind between God and Jesus. Today my 4-year-old son is the same way. Jesus and God are so alike, and are always talked about together, and they just kind of blend into each other. As I grew, I learned the classical definitions, and how to properly distinguish the different persons of the trinity. But now I believe that the child’s ambiguity is closer to the truth.